Getting the Most Out of Your Orthopedic Visit

Preparing for your upcoming visit can help your provider diagnose and treat your orthopedic problem.  It can also save you time and prevent delays in your care.
Below is a list of ways to improve your orthopedic office visit with Frisella Shoulder Surgery at Advanced Bone & Joint:
1.     Please bring an updated list of medications/supplements, allergies, medical problems, and prior surgeries. This is useful if your healthcare provider needs to prescribe a medication or indicates you for surgery.
2.     Write down any questions you have prior to your visit, as it is easy to forget them during an appointment. This will save you from calling the office back later.
3.     Bring a family member, especially if following up on an MRI or when discussing surgery.  Having another set of ears listening to the conversation can be helpful! Visitors could be limited due to COVID-19 so please check the office prior to your visit. 
4.     Ask the front desk or medical assistant to assist you in setting up the patient portal. This system makes it easy to securely message your healthcare provider medical questions.
5.     Every insurance plan is different and changes often. Call the number of the back of your insurance card to see if a referral is needed and that our office is in network for you. This will prevent delays when checking in.
6.     It is helpful to have previous operative/surgical reports when we are treating the same area/body part. Operative reports can be obtained by calling your prior surgeons office. If the surgeon is no longer in practice, the hospital or surgery center you had surgery at will also have this information.
7.     New patients with X-Rays and/or MRIs completed at other facilities should obtain a copy of the images on a CD. Also, have a radiology report faxed to our office. Having the images and reports will prevent delays and extra costly imagining.
Doing these things contribute to a smooth, successful orthopedic appointment with Dr. Frisella! To contact his office, call 636.229.4222 or visit to request an appointment.