Golf and Your Shoulder

Typical golf swing:
Notice the wide range of motion of the left shoulder
A shoulder injury is the second most common golfing injury (back injuries are the most common).  It might be a surprise to know that right-handed golfers have an increased risk of injury to the left shoulder.  That's because the left shoulder travels through a long motion during the swing, moving back with the backswing and forward with the follow-through.  This swinging motion puts strain on the rotator cuff and can cause tendonitis and bursitis.

If you shoulder is bothering you, what can you do?  My advice to most patients is first to take a week or two off.  If that doesn't work, then try to shorten your swing.  Try a shorter swing first at the driving range with your irons.  If that goes well and you can swing without pain, then move on to playing nine holes with only your irons.  If at any point pain returns, stop, take a week off, then try again.  If things don't improve, see a shoulder doc.

Happy golfing!


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