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Monday, August 15

Elbow Pain - What is "tennis elbow"?

If you have pain on the outside of your elbow, chances are it's tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow causes pain when you reach or grasp.  Getting milk out of the fridge, reaching to grab a cup of coffee and bringing it to your mouth:  these things can be exquisitely painful if you have tennis elbow.  You don't need to play tennis to get tennis elbow, and it can happen in your dominant or non-dominant hand.  Initial treatments are simple:  stretching, strengthening, and a forearm strap can all be helpful.  Cortisone shots almost always work for several months, but usually wear off.  The good news:  tennis elbow usually resolves on its own.  In some cases, surgery is necessary, but that's the case for very few patients.

Friday, August 5

Dr. Frisella YouTube Channel

Just launched a YouTube Channel with videos of the most common surgeries I perform.  I think it is a nice tool to allow patients to see what we'll be doing in the operating room.  You can watch the videos to the right of the blog or click here to view the YouTube Channel: